Solar Snake Repellers & Deterrent

Solar Snake Repellers & Deterrents are effective against all snake species.
  • Effective against all snake species
  • 100% Safe to use around children, pets, birds and livestock
  • No Poison, no chemical, environmentally friendly
  • One unit covers approx 700sqm (30m diameter) Day and Night
  • Portable - Take it camping, picnics, holiday house etc
  • Long lasting battery (replaceable) charged by its solar panel

This unit works by emitting a pulsing vibration through the ground and a sound, a snake is able to pick up these vibrations through its body sensors and fools it into thinking there is danger ahead.

A solar panel and a rechargeable accumulator battery collects power by day for operation at night. When the accumulator battery is fully charged, it can supply enough power for around-the-clock operation even on dull days.